Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How VFX Industry got insulted at The Oscars 2013

A video is worth a million words...

What's even more dis-heartening that they keep taking these videos down from YouTube and even Vimeo.

Many  (nearly 500) visual effects professionals marched on Hollywood Boulevard and outside The Dolby Theater urging the film industry to focus on their economic problems. R&H, the VFX studio behind Life of Pi, filled a chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Feb. 13. Scott Ross tweeted:

The message is simple: VFX artists create incredible images that translates into huge box office. BUT, VFX companies are going out of business.
Many kept an eye on the acceptance speech in which the VFX guys were going to talk about their economic sufferings. But, something else happened.

First, presenters of the visual effects Oscar Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Samuel L. Jackson,(most of them who've atleast one time been a VFX superhero),insulted the VFX guys by making jokes about "giving them the respect that they deserve" (they joked it like it was a sarcasm).

Just as Bill Westenhofer started his acceptance speech. The 'play-off' music began to rumble (ironically from movie "Jaws"). Before Westenhofer could finish his statement, his mic was cut off followed by a commercial break.

Then, accepting the Best Director award, Ang Lee failed to thank any visual effects members (the cinematographer also failed to do the same). He did thank the pool crew, but forgot the crew who turned that pool into an ocean.

Those who say that Westenhofer's speech was above time limit, it is not true, play the Oscars video and use a stopwatch. You'll find that he's been given a very short time in comparison to others (a very large discrimination).

Scott Ross posted to VFX Solidarity International:
I have no horse in this race.
I do not own a VFX facility, I am not a VFX supervisor worried about pissing off clients and being blackballed. I am not (as much as I have tried) a movie producer. I am not a studio executive (thank god). I am not a VES member. I belong to no Union.
I am an individual that has spent the better part of my entire life managing large VFX companies. Contrary to what some might say, I do understand the current situation. In fact, given my unique position I believe that I see the situation very clearly. Given my actions, I believe that the rank and file see that I do.
I implore you…. do not have a walk out. Not yet. Let a committee be formed to come up with a strategic plan.
The passion is there. The problems are evident. The storm is brewing.
But…. let’s make sure that we do not act out of pure passion. Let’s be strategic.
Let’s win the war….. not the battle.


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