Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shivam to be honored

I got a call from a organization that is going to held an ceremony saying that they want to honor me in an event going to be held on 16th March. In that event Anuradha Paudwal will be going to honor me for my 3D animation and game development skills.Lakhbir Singh Lakha is also going to sing there. Got an extra pass to the event, wanna get it guys?

They have also made a long advertisement that airs on local Patna channel "Darsh" daily, they requested me to record a statement about myself. My ad will be premiered tomorrow and will be repeated every day till 16th March. I will post any videos or images of the event on my facebook. So, stay tuned ;)

Update: 15 March, 1 day left for the ceremony, I will post updates here. For now, here is the newspaper pic.
To small to read? Click here for a large version.

Shivam on Aajtak

Guess what, I appeared on Aajtak on (26/11/09). Check out the recorded video if you missed it ;)

I made a 3D FPS PC game with IndiaGames Ltd. It is based on 26 11 mumbai terror attacks. IndiaGames is also making a 2D Third Person Shooter version of the PC game for iPhone, iPod Touch and mobile phones. Release date is TBD (To Be Done) yet.