Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Useless Time Machine - VFX Short

Today I found a very old video made by me sitting in my hard drive. I thought I should upload it to my YouTube, and let you guys watch it :) . Don't expect it to be good because you know, it was long ago when I made that.

Story: A girl drops his brother's mobile. When the brother wakes up and finds out that his mobile has been broken by his sister he goes up to kill her angrily (supposed to be silly). But then his sister goes back by using The Useless Time Machine and fixes her brother's phone but then her brother wakes up and gets angry that she is holding his mobile and starts beating her.

I know the story don't make sense. I just created it to test some of my VFX techniques. There are 2 VFX shots in this video, 1 is the time pause when the girl pauses the world and the powder stops when falling (rotoscoping), and one of them is the time travel effect.


UPDATE ABOUT BLOG: I am making a goal from now to post at least 2 posts in every month in my blog with one of them being a new creation by me. By creating this goal I'll be motivated to keep creating new games, vfx and short films.

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