Monday, April 25, 2011

Teleported: Motion Picture Summary

Motion Picture Project Summary

I am making a feature film based on an interesting idea. I will be working as a visual effects artist, visual effects supervisor, actor, technical director and editor in this film. The film will be distributed using UFO Film Distribution System. The rough basic idea has been described below.



RealismTech, an IT company paired with Google, Facebook and Twitter to market an innonative game they’ve been developing for 15 years. The game introduces a new technology, ‘Internet Teleporting’ by which people can teleport to any distance in a matter of seconds. They used the new technology to create a video game to promote their technology, in which people have to complete tasks after being teleported. 

This movie takes the audience to a thrilling adventure with two leading characters, one who lives in India and USA respectively with their parents. They teleport themselves using the game and overcome many challenges in the video game.

Next Weekend, the government bans the game because of the technology's ill effects on the environment and health.

Watch the upcoming movie to find out how the kids fight off the challenges and find their way back to their homes after they get stuck in a new country and technology stops working.

*= subject to change according to film script being prepared.

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